Top tips for exam success

Got your exams coming up soon? If you are feeling nervous or stressed, help is at hand! We’ve got some top tips to help you on your route to success.

1 Keep revision sessions short and sweet
Want to boost your concentration? Research shows that 20-30 minute spells of revision, mixed with short, frequent breaks, work best.

2 Exercise your way to success
Don’t be tempted to save time by missing a trip to the gym or a sports game with your friends. Physical activity increases your heart rate, which makes the blood circulate faster. This gets more oxygen to your brain, increasing productivity and reducing stress.

3 A room of your own
While revising, you need a quiet space, where you can avoid distractions for a few hours. If you are at home, keep the TV and music off (or play relaxing tunes at a minimum volume). Revising in a coffee shop is not a good idea as you may get distracted.

4 The early bird catches the worm
Keen to give yourself a headstart on work for the day? Then set up your alarm clock to start revising early in the morning – this will help you do all the work you’ve planned for the day.

5 Spice up your revision
Drawing colourful learning maps will help you to memorise facts. Colourful notes are easier to memorise than plain black and white ones. Give it a go!

6 Make notes
The best way to memorise information is by making notes over and over again. At least three sets of the same notes in a run up to the exams will help you memorise the required information.

7 Practice makes perfect
Learning more about the exam format and the type of questions asked can be very helpful. Ask your teacher for some past papers (or Google them) to help you practice.

8. With a little help from your friends (or family)
Ask people around you to test you and give you feedback. Why not give your revision notes to your mum and ask her to test you?

9. Reward yourself
Finding the right balance between study and leisure will help improve your marks. Go to a cinema with friends after a productive day of revision or treat yourself to some chocolate.

10 Think positive
Remember to keep things into perspective. Plenty of people did well in life without getting an A* in every single exam. Work hard but take the pressure off yourself.