Surviving revision: tips for success

As we head towards June, it’s that time of the year when thousands of students across the country are getting ready for their exams.

If late night cramming, teenage nerves and too much coffee all sound familiar to you, chances are your son or daughter is one of them.



Want to give them a helping hand, but not sure how? Simply take two minutes off whatever you are doing now to learn how revising the Activate Learning way can make a big difference to their results:

  • Make sure your son or daughter is using a revision timetable, mixing revision sessions lasting 20-30 minutes with short breaks.
  • Is your son or daughter a visual learner or creative? A great way to learn is making notes and using colourful learning maps. This will help them remember things more easily.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to reward themselves with occasional treats for their hard work. For example, meeting with friends or going to the gym (exercise is a fantastic stress-booster)
  • Make a quiet space available only for your son or daughter to revise in, as it will help them concentrate better.
  • Test your son or daughter’s knowledge verbally or with past test papers (available on the internet). Give them honest, positive feedback on how they can do things better.
  • Unexpected results? Remain calm and positive, as they will need your support. Reward them for trying their hardest. Life isn’t over if they don’t succeed at their exams.

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Read more about information and tips for parents on our website or contact our colleges for independent careers advice and guidance.

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